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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dear Timothy Sykes

Dear Timothy Sykes,

You have recently responded to my previous blog post. A post in which I outlined some similarities between your impact on stocks and the impact a stock promotion has. Followed by this, I was accused of being a "penny promoter," and a "liar." In addition, I was instructed to “enjoy burning in hell.” I believe this to be more false an accusation than I have made to you, and the latter rather rude.

Tim responded to me in a blog that threw me in with another that he claimed to be a promoter. I would like to outline the difference between me and this other individual who wrote the article on pennystockalerts.com. At least from what I took from it, this post is to bash your business in an effort to promote theirs, and in effect gain more subscribers. I am not trying to promote any alerts I have, I am a college student not a promoter, and I receive no financial reward for this post. (Though I did make a theoretical $1.87 from Google AdSense) The reason I wrote my previous post was demonstrate my disapproval of your impact on stocks, and to make the problem apparent. In this way I have taken a standpoint from an investor’s point of view, not a competitor bashing point of view.

In your response Tim, you outlined three "Lies" in my post. I will go through these now and show how I have not lied.

1. “Lie #6: If you have seen any of Tim’s instructional DVD series, you may have noticed his hatred toward penny promoters
Actually I NEED promoters I don’t hate them…there is a difference in that I teach you dumb suckers out there to understand what a promoter is, but if you want profit opportunities, you shouldn’t hate them, you should thank them for their unethical existence….I understand why the author of this article confused but it’s an important point.” (Sykes, 2011)

Perhaps I was incorrect that you “hate” penny promoters. It seems you disapprove of their existence but at the same time are glad they exist. I find this view somewhat contradictory but I can see how one can have this view. However, can you really call my misinterpretation of your view a lie? Oxford dictionary defines a lie as “an intentionally false statement.” It seems that having misinterpreted this fact I could not fall under this definition of a lie.

2. “Lie #7: Perhaps I am incorrect, but there seems to be a resemblance between my description of the alerts by Tim Sykes and the alerts from penny promoters.
Yes you are incorrect, promoters send out massive email campaigns to millions of people and coordinate efforts with market makers and company insiders to release news in order to get stock prices up to make their masters happy because that’s what they are paid to do…I simply send out my trades, alerts and research…I have roughly 1,300 subscribers, 1/3 of whom even open their emails. I don’t want to influence stocks I want my subscribers to learn why I’m making a trade…and if I teach correctly, many of my subscribers can anticipate my trades because it’s the same damn pattern over and over.” (Sykes, 2011)

I am afraid you are mixing up the term “resemblance” with the term “identical” or “exactly similar.” By stating a resemblance between your alerts and the alerts of promoters, I state only that there are one or more similarities. Oxford dictionary defines resemble as things that “have a similar appearance to or qualities in common with” something else. Thus, by definition, I can say that the resemblance between these alerts merely have one or more qualities in common with one another but are not identical or exactly similar. It can also be true that there are differences and the differences you have pointed out here can be true. I thus make my point that I have not lied here.

3. Lie #8: Some in the Twitter community have blamed the recent decline of $TBBC on Tim’s sale of the stock. Though this cannot be proven with certainty as we do not know what would have happened if he did not sell, it would be agreed by most that some portion of the decline was a result of his sale.
I sold BRAINY BRANDS CO INC (TBBC) at $1.60ish and it was already dropping fast before I could even get executed so my exit prices are 1.62, 1.60, 1.59 and 1.57…this all happened BEFORE I even got executed let alone sent out any sell alert…It is long read it here….The good news is that perhaps thanks to ignorant and intentionally misleading posts like these, I might never have to worry about my subscriber base growing that big :)”
(Sykes, 2011)

This is no more a lie than an economist stating the recent recession may have been aided by an ineffective fiscal or monetary policy. Would one call this economist a liar? It is merely an opinion of what caused the financial crisis. There is no way to prove, as I have stated, what would have happened had you not entered $TBBC. As well, I stated only that many would say “some portion” of the decline was attributed to your sale. Even if it was already dropping at the time of your sale, it is possible your sale could have made it fall further or faster than it originally would have. It is possible for this decrease to have caused more panic than would have originally existed. How much? This cannot be determined. Further, I stated that “many would say some portion” of the decline was attributed to the sale. This does not even guarantee I believe it to be true. This statement merely outlines the belief of the common trader at the time.

In regard to the comments on my last post, I am not responsible for what people say. I have, however, removed many of the posts that I felt were not only opinion.

As for the title of the article, I merely asked a question. “Has Timothy Sykes Become What He Hates” is only a title to trigger the imagination and interest of readers. I am afraid this question is not a lie. So you see Tim, I have said no lies in my post. Thus, I argue that calling me a “liar” and telling me to “enjoy burning in hell,” for spreading lies about you is unjust and rather immature.

P.S. Your emoticons do not match your emotions.


  1. Tim sykes you got owned son.

  2. Sykes has become what he once fiercely destined.

    His trades are nothing special. Simply shorting penny pumps with heavy momo and dilution. Kids game.

    When he tried to run a fund he was a 3rd class soldier. No rank at all.

    The likes of sykes can be found loitering in front of a convenient store with a Colt 45 in his hand. And you must know, that gun ain't made for shootin.


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